What I miss one month in


Have we really been here a month already? I was looking back at my planner and calendar this morning and saw things like our open house, giving our cats away, our going away party, and our move out day.  It all seems like ages ago. How did the past six months of this idea/dream-turned-reality go by so quickly? It’s seriously a blur.

I was prepared for life to be different here. Foods, stores, ways of life. I knew what I was getting into before we arrived.  But visiting for a vacation is different than making this the new reality.  Here’s what I miss one month in.   Read More


Italian Rhythms

via roma padova

I mentioned in my last post  I was struggling to find a rhythm to my days – to figure out what’s normal and regular to our routine here.  I love order and plans, and this adjustment period goes against my nature.  I’m learning to accept that we have to give ourselves room to figure things out and find a groove.

While we’re figuring things out for our own family, I’ve been observing the Italian routine. It’s very different from American days and it goes something like this:

Between 7:00 and 8:00 am the city is waking up and heading out.  Our neighbors open their cerrandas Read More


Just landed: First thoughts from Italy.


Two weeks. We’ve LIVED in Italy for two weeks now. Somedays it’s hard to believe.

We still don’t have internet set up in our home so the blogging may be sparse for a while.  We were told it would be ready by December 5th. DECEMBER!? Hopefully it’s ready before then. In the meantime, Nick walks to his parent’s church to use the wifi for work.

Where to start with all that’s happened in two weeks?  So many things I’ve been “writing” in my head. Let’s see if I can pull it all together in some organized manner….

The flight

Oh it was LONG! Really the worst parts were the long layovers – five hours of not moving any closer to Italy. Between my excitement and nerves Read More


The final countdown

Just 20 minutes before we start the big day of travel. I feel like I need to write  out my feelings so I don’t forget when this is just a blip in our story. It’s a jumble, but that’s exactly how I feel right now. Jumbled.

I woke up this morning with my heart pounding in my throat and my stomach doing flip flops. Wake up has actually been like that for over a week now. Anxiety. I’ve faced it before. I know it’s temporary, but it’s been taking its toll on my body during this last week. Once I take the time to get out of my head and start “doing” the flutters subside.

Yesterday was a day of calm and relaxation. House was cleared. All was packed. We soaked up time with close friends. My mind and body needed that.

Now we finally start making progress towards what we’ve waited so long for. 24 hours of travel. Three planes. Four airports. Then a new home.

I’ll spend my time watching shows and movies to take my mind off the anxiety I always feel when flying. Hopefully there’s some sleep in there.

I think my biggest fear is losing bags. It’s just stuff. I know it’s fine if it goes missing. But considering we have so little left, I’m clinging tight to what’s left.

So pray for our journey. Pray anxiety is gone. Pray all bags make it. Pray for safety. So far God’s been so good to us, I can see his hand in all of it.

Ok. Here we go.


Goodbye to 1085

Currently we’re sleeping with mattresses on the floor and eating at our dining room table while sitting on camping chairs. The couch, dining room table and one of our cars still needs to sell.

Our house is pretty empty.  Nothing on the walls, no shelves to hold anything, 5 boxes are waiting for us in Italy, and soon we’ll pack our travel bags.

I wrote before about slowly saying goodbye as items sold on Craigslist and now that our house is almost empty, I feel like an official goodbye to our home is in order…..


Thank you 1085 for being our first home as a married couple.  Just shy of our one year anniversary, Read More


Downsizing for an International Move

We’re just shy of a month away from the big move! YIKES!

Our lives consist of selling everything on craigslist and Facebook. It’s kind of consuming my life right now. The emails, the photo taking, the disassembling and hauling out to strangers’s cars, the reorganizing the things from inside the shelves and drawers. Soon we’ll be camping in the shell of our house.

Pray it all sells.  We have some big items like our couch and the girls’ beds that need to go for a good price so we can afford to buy furniture for our new place when we arrive. Every dollar we make here means we can fill the new house in Italy.

Most people ask us about what we’re taking with us so I thought I’d write a post about it for those who are curious. Read More