The H word

Whelp. I’m coming out. Coming clean…we’re homeschooling.

Technically I suppose we’ve been doing it since June, but now we’re getting serious about it.  By serious I mean we bought curriculum and have somewhat of a plan.

That plan?

Some regular time carved out for school work with the curriculum.

You guys. It’s not a detailed plan.  That’s so not like me. What up with that?

Here’s what’s up:

I’ve been reading (surprise, surprise) and I’m so drawn to the whole philosophy of unschooling.   Read More


The Great Weight Debate


After a weekend of shopping for new clothes, I’m filled with all these questions and feelings swirling around in my head about the body I currently live in…..

First of all I look in the mirror and ask myself “Who am I?” I’m in total denial about the person who looks back at me.  Where on earth is that cute little size 2/xs girl who looks amazing in every piece of clothing she tries on? I miss her.  I really liked her and she gave me confidence.

I don’t even own a full length mirror anymore.  I don’t want to see my whole body in one shot.  When I try clothes on in a store it grosses me out to see my current shape and how horribly everything fits. This weekend I tried on a size I swore I’d never wear.  It fit.  Technically the size smaller would’ve fit too, but they were out of that size and $50 Anne Taylor shorts for $17 – I can’t pass that up. I still haven’t put them on again.  I cry a little inside to think I have to wear that size.

I’ve probably done this to myself of course – all those promises growing up that I’d never be fat.   Read More


The Waves of Goodbye

Three months from today we’ll be boarding our plane to Italy.  Holy craziness!

Our office is currently a mess of boxes, bins and piles.  Items to ship and keepsakes to store are being sorted and prepped.  I add to Craigslist daily and filter through spam and real inquires about our stuff.  As the things are starting to go, I’m starting to say goodbye and begin the grieving process.

We’re currently listing smaller items so we still have furniture to sit on for a little longer, but it’s those small items that seem to hold the most value and memories.  My second DSLR camera and favorite fixed lens are gone from my photography business days. The girl’s play kitchen left the other night.  Any day now our dishes and Kitchenaid mixer will (hopefully) be purchased.  Those Pottery Barn dishes were my dream dishes 10 years ago, and being blessed with a full set of 12 for a wedding gift was fantastic.  But dishes are really heavy, and styles have changed – so they go. Read More


The Big Move

Well, it’s about time I made the news official…by official I mean putting it out here on the interwebs for all to see of course.


Plane tickets are purchased, apartment search is underway and we’ve mailed out our first box of personal items.  It’s really happening! Date of arrival in our new home: October 18th!

move to italy

This was the spot I sat in 6 years ago and asked Nick, “When are we moving here?” It was the first morning of my second trip to my in-law’s home. For those of you who don’t know, Nick’s parents are missionaries in Italy so it’s home for him.  His parents and sister’s family still live there.  It was  hot and humid and I’d just spent the previous day and a half traveling and fighting jet lag with a 12 week old baby, but I wanted to stay forever.

Moving to Italy has always been an idea Nick and I tossed around. The “someday we’ll live in Italy” conversation has popped up over the years. Read More


The Right Choice

I hope you read the title like the New Kids on the Block song “The Right Stuff” because that’s exactly what went through my head when I wrote it.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
The right choice

Ok moving on….

I’ve discovered recently that when it comes to making decisions, I must always make the RIGHT choice.  The choice that leads to happiness and perfection for all involved in the decision. If the outcome is less than ideal, clearly it’s my fault for choosing incorrectly. Read More


Philosophy Change

As an education major in college, I was required to write a “Philosophy of Education” paper. All I remember about the assignment is that we had to write it. I have no idea what I wrote about. I feel like it was early in my program courses, but it seems to make sense to have it near the end after we’d finished student teaching and all that jazz, so maybe that’s when I wrote it.

I remember more about writing my philosophy of classroom management and coming up with a plan for my first year of teaching. I quickly adopted the Responsive Classroom approach partly because it’s what we read about for class, but also because I valued community in the classroom.  A place where students knew one another deeply and connected daily was high on my list of priorities.  I’d filled pages of a notebook in high school with “what I’ll do as a teacher” and almost every activity or approach to learning came back to community (most of them from Senora Bolyard my Spanish teacher for 3 years).

I graduated with my degree in elementary education and took to teaching in the university classroom shortly after. Every year community was high on my list. My beliefs in what education and the classroom should look like remained the same until I started looking into schools for Mariah. And now that she’s been in school and I’ve seen more of the ins and outs of how the district works, my ideals are shifting and I’m trying to sort through all the opinions and ideas and research to find where I land. Read More