Elephants in My Ears

I have a four year old daughter. This means I repeat myself more often than I would like.

Like this morning’s breakfast table conversation:

“How old was Lana in that picture?”

“About two months old”


“How old was she?”

“Two months old I said. I just told you. Do you have elephants in your ears again?”

Elephants. Yep…that’s what we say in our house because seriously I can look right at her and tell her something and she doesn’t hear me.


Lots of times she’s just wrapped up in her own little world and her thoughts are going a mile a minute, so I’ve learned to get her attention first. Then I get the eye rolls and a huff and puff followed by “I AM listening.”  or “You don’t have to tell me.”  When really, I do have to tell her because if I ask her to repeat back to me what I just said she just giggles and makes something up.

Other times I think it’s selective hearing. Or maybe she just thinks I’m talking to myself…I’ve reminded her many times how that is not the case. I talk to her because it’s usually important.

After this morning’s conversation and thinking about how often I ask her if she has elephants in her ears, I realized many times I’m like that with God.

I’m busy. I’m in my own little world with a million thoughts zooming through my head. I have an agenda and things to do…no time to stop. When I do take the time to talk to God, that’s all I really do…talk, talk, talk. Or technically in my case write, write, write because I have prayer ADD and need to write my prayers.

I so rarely stop to listen to his voice. He has important things to say to me, and he’s probably answered many of the questions I have for him, but I haven’t taken the time to listen for his answers. What he has to say is the most important thing I should be opening my ears to hear.

While I’m busy not listening, he’s still patiently waiting. Calmly, lovingly and will keep repeating himself as long as it takes. I’m so grateful for that.

I hope I can start making more time to open my ears and heart to hear my instructions from God. I also hope I can learn to be more like him and wait patiently while my four year old figures out how to clear the elephants out of her ears too.

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