World’s Best Husband

Since Nick’s birthday is today, I thought I’d take  dedicate a post to him and how wonderful he is. Seriously. He is…and I don’t tell him enough.

I’m incredibly thankful to have him in my life. I’d be a hot mess if I didn’t have him to calm me down and talk some sense into me on a regular basis. I tend to overreact and blow things out of proportion. I make small “problems” into huge obstacles on a pretty regular basis. He helps me to see things rationally. He also reassures me I don’t need to worry…that worrying doesn’t change anything and usually makes things worse. He’s never worried…he trusts in the Lord more than anyone I know. He just knows things will turn out the way they should and he accepts it.

He has a servant’s heart. He puts  my and the girls’ needs before his own almost every day. I have to be careful to not take advantage of his willingness to help and it takes extra work on my part to serve him every once in awhile. He’s the one up most nights rocking Lana or getting her milk because he knows I need my sleep. He’s also committed to his church leadership roles and serves there so graciously.

He sends me out of the house on a regular basis because he knows I need a break (lots of breaks).

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When he’s with our girls I know there will be lots of giggles and snuggles. They love his tickles and they always want to climb all over him and snuggle. He loves those girls and cares for them in such a beautiful way.  He gives them a kind of love I can’t…and when Mariah has a bad dream or is hurt, she wants her daddy instead of me.

He’s a fantastic cook. When we did our pre-marital counseling, we agreed he’d do all the cooking and I’d do all the cleaning. He’s taught me a lot of my cooking skills and I’m glad I’ve learned and grown to love cooking, but I love when he cooks for us. He can invent something delicious when I look at the cupboards and don’t think we have anything to eat.

Nick makes me think for myself. He grew up in a family that voiced opinions and likes to argue for the sake of arguing – I did not. I have to defend myself because he knows how to “win” almost every conversation.  Yes, there must always be a winner in his world.  I hardly ever win, but he makes sure I really mean what I say.

He’s funny. I don’t normally admit it, but he is. We joke that our funny-meters don’t match. He has a goofy, corny, over the top sense of humor and I’ve got a dry wit…he doesn’t know I’m joking most of the time. But I’ll admit he’s funny. He can make me laugh (usually while rolling my eyes) any day.


Nick is clearly my better half. I love him more than I could say in a blog post – because really, this just doesn’t do him justice. I’m so grateful he chose me and stuck it out during all my craziness and dark days. He’s my rock. I thank God he’s in my life.

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