First Day of School Fail

For the past three weeks, I’ve been counting down the days until the first day of school. When I bought my new planner, one of the first dates into the calendar was the first day of school. It was circled and had sunshine rays coming out of it.  I couldn’t wait.

You see, the temps had gone from gorgeous and  fall-like to heat advisories and unbearable humidity. We were cooped up inside too much and it was getting ugly. Someone once told me The child who annoys you the most is the one who’s most like you.  Very true. We’re so much the same and we need separation in order to get along.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love my child, but for heavens sake taking a break from your kids is healthy.

I’ve also found Mariah needs social interaction with her peers in order to be her happy, obedient self.  Since we don’t have friends in our neighborhood and we normally do playdates 20-30 minutes from our house, they don’t happen as regularly as I’d like and I’m still around during them and she doesn’t get much alone play with the friends. We don’t have family or cousins here to play with either. She’s started to play better with Lana, but it’s not the same.

I love sending her to preschool three mornings a week so much.  Besides, she loves it too. It’s the teacher in her blood I suppose. We were hoping she could go to Pre-K five half days a week, but alas, that wasn’t in the cards for us.

So we shopped for school supplies, she picked out a first day outfit, and we were pumped.

first day of school

My girls wake up early, so by 9am I’m ready to get her out the door.  A little photoshoot to document the first day and then we headed out by 9:15.

The usual mass of cars for drop off wasn’t there. Granted, we were one minute early. So I waited. Maybe people were late on the first day? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Early for the first few days?

I was late to the back to school orientation two weeks ago. Maybe they changed the start time? What if we were LATE? 

We got out and headed in.



No welcome sign.

No children.

It was NOT the first day of school.


Oh the look of confusion and disappointment on Mariah’s face.

Oh how horrible I felt.


The church secretary (and assistant teacher) let us know school started on Monday. We left the school supplies in her cubby. We chatted for a bit and I tried to make up for my mom fail by telling her I’d just put in all the dates for the entire school year. Yet somehow missed the most important one. *sigh*

Mariah actually got over it faster than I did. There we tears welling up in her eyes and I thought for sure I’d ruined the entire day.  She was fine before we made it to the Library.

I really didn’t want another week at home, but I got it. It wasn’t the end of the world. But boy will THIS week be fantastic!  While Mariah goes to school, Lana and I will be heading to the YMCA so I can work out. Alone time. Just what this mama needs. And my sweet school loving girl will be back in a world full of friends. Just what she needs.




We started preschool in November last year, so we didn’t do first day photos.

Look how much she’s grown since her first day of ballet two years ago!


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