One of my favorite things: Google Play Music

I think it’s about time I start spreading the word about one of my most favorite things:  Google Play Music.


My husband, the Google lover and fanatic he, is told me I would want to use Google Play instead of Pandora.  He introduced me to it in September.  But you see, he introduces me to new apps all. the. time.  He can’t help it, it’s what he does in his spare time. And I never want to try something new.  I liked my Pandora stations thankyouverymuch. I’d been working to perfect them for several years now. My classical piano station, the kids music station, my worship music station.  They were all very very good to me. WHY would I want to change?

Well…it grew on me.

For one, there are no commercials. Ah , yes. I love the lack of interruptions.

But the best part?

I can listen to an entire album. Not just one or two songs and then other songs that sound kind of like what I started with. A full CD from one artist.  I didn’t realize how much I missed doing that. I’m LOVING this feature for Christmas music. I got to walk down memory lane with Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas CD and the Muppet’s Christmas with John Denver.  Two of my childhood faves. (don’t laugh)

Now, you don’t have to listen to a full album of course if that’s not your cup of tea.  I’m still working to perfect my stations again. I just have to give them the thumbs up or down like I did with Pandora. But there’s no limit on how many times I can skip ahead. I can remove upcoming songs from the list, and I can move them around in my list too. I just haven’t been listening to stations lately with all my excitement over full albums.

I can also create playlists withing Google Play Music.  So if I come across a great workout song while listening to an album or a station, I just add it to my “work it out” playlist.  Same goes for my favorite “Jesus Music”.

AND (wait, there’s more!) I can keep up to 20,000  songs (about 2,000 CDs) uploaded to “My Library” as part of Google Play Music. Even though it would probably be available as part of the service, whenever you play something from your personal library, it helps to keep costs down a bit because Google doesn’t have to pay the artist each time those songs are played like it does each time you play a song from their service because, well, you’ already paid for those.

Speaking of costs, it’s $9.99/month.  We joined early and only pay $7.99 – the perk of a husband who tries new apps regularly. I say it’s completely worth it. I listen to a new album almost every day. To download one album on iTunes or from Amazon is around $8. Again, I say: Worth it.  Especially when music is a motivator for me.  I need music to workout, to clean, to relax, to get the girls in a better mood some days, to set a cozy atmosphere in my home…the list goes on and on.

So there you have it…One of my most favorite things.  Google Play Music is something I use daily and now couldn’t live without.  And to think I didn’t want to try it four months ago.



ps.  I don’t get paid to write about this stuff.  No affiliate links here my friend. I just want to spread the word and my love for awesomeness.


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