Honest Company Products and Bundles Review

It’s about time I wrote about my Honest Company products.  I’m on my third monthly bundle and I’ve tried LOTS of the products so I wanted to share here a  little about what I like and dislike.

First of all, you don’t have to do a bundle in order to buy products from The Honest Company.  But I wanted to try out a few different  items, so I went the bundle route to save money.  You can change what comes in your bundle each month and push back the date to come every 5 or 6 weeks, or even longer.  You’re also able to cancel the bundle service at any time.

I only purchased items I “needed” or was currently out of.  I didn’t want to just buy a bunch of products and waste what I already have.  And each month I include mainly new items I’ve only repeated lotion and sunscreen as of this post. Below is a list of what I’ve tried and a few thoughts about each one.

honest company dish soap and suds up

Cleaning Products

Dish Soap (Lemon Verbena)

The good: It cleans great.  Dishes are sparkly and clean and the scent is really light. Not over powering.
The bad:  It doesn’t bubble up like I like dish soap to bubble. In my mind bubbles = clean.  But I’m learning that’s not always the case.  Bubbles usually mean more chemicals, and I’m trying to reduce the chemicals in my home which is why I’m trying these products in the first place.  I also don’t like that it really dries out my hands after washing a sink full of dishes.

Suds Up

The good:  The brush is great for baked on gunk. For me it was the perfect solution for my Le Cruset cast iron skillets – especially the grill pan with all its little grooves.
The bad:  The little dish the brush sits in is supposed to create bubbles.  That doesn’t really happen with the Honest Dish Soap because bubbles are fewer with this soap.  My hubby put Dawn dish soap in it once for my daughter and the bubbles were incredible!

Bathroom Cleaner

The good:  It’s ALL good.  The smell is heavenly. Eucalyptus Mint.  Woah.  Fresh and not over powering.  Cleans great too!

Multi-Surface Cleaner

The good:  It’s ALL good too.  No streaks on my glass top stove.
*Note: I use this with my Norwex cloths sometimes.  I know you should just use water, but I don’t completely trust water to clean it all the germs.  Don’t worry.  I rinse my cloths out with super hot water after to make sure the cleaner is out.  And I figure it’s super gentle cleaner anyway…can’t be too bad.

honest company reviews

Bath and Body Products

Healing Balm

The good:  Thick and moisturizing.  We haven’t used it too much.
The bad:  Teeny bit of a funky sunflower/nut smell, hard to describe.  I don’t feel like it worked as great as the reviews said.  Mariah’s eczema spots didn’t seem to heal super fast with it like the customers claimed.  Her prescription cream works much better, but I’d like to get away from prescription creams, so I’m torn.

Conditioning Detangler

The good:  ALL good. Sweet, but light orange vanilla smell.  I thought it was a weird smell combo when I read the name of it, but I like it. Mariah has wild and crazy curls that can only be combed after a bath or shower.  THIS STUFF WORKS! to untangle and keeps the whining at a minimum.  We spray it on and let it soak in while she brushes teeth or puts on jammies to let it do it’s thing before we comb.

Shampoo + Body Wash

The good: Sweet Orange Vanilla smell is light and just right. Good for Lana’s fine baby hair.
The bad:  Not super bubbly (this is a theme for me). I’m not sure how great it would be for my or Mariah’s thick curly hair.  I still need to test it out.

Body and Face Lotion

The good:  I really like this lotion.  It’s not super thick, but leaves us feeling moisturized.  No strong over powering smell.
The bad:  Takes a few minutes to sink into the skin.

Sunscreen Lotion

The good: Not greasy at all! Great sun protection.
The bad:  Thick and white and kind of takes a while to spread.

Sunscreen Spray

The good:  ALL good!  same great sun protection in a convenient spray!
The bad:  It wasn’t available until this month.  So I bought two lotions.  BUT the lotions are small to throw in my purse and are better for faces than the spray obviously.  BUT they just came out with a sunscreen stick – going to try that next.

Bug Spray

The good: No good.
The bad:  It STINKS!  Literally.  So smelly.  The citronella smell makes me nauseous.  And it’s not very good at keeping bugs away in my opinion.  We still get attacked with it on.  However, keep in mind me and my girls seem to attract mosquitoes like no other.  It might work for you.  We use some essential oil sprays for bugs and the nasty deet stuff, but we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.  Bugs love us!

Adult Toothpaste

The good: It works. My teeth feel clean when I’m done.
The bad:  No bubbles. No strong minty fresh breath.  I like that about toothpaste, so I need to make up my mind about this one similar to my dish soap problem.

Kid’s Toothpaste

The good: It seems to work (we’ll know from the dentist in a few weeks). Mariah likes the flavor.
The bad:  No bubbles.  Hard to get a good “lather” in the mouth.  Lana just sucks on it and says it tastes like medicine.  It’s strawberry flavored.

Foaming Hand Soap (Mandarin)

The good:  It bubbles!  Cleans my hands well and doesn’t leave them dried out.
The bad: Mandarin scent.  I thought I ordered Lavender.


Whew.  Long list!  I still have the Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Bubble Bath to test from my newest bundle. Let’s hope the Bubble Bath delivers on the bubbles.  I can’t shed any light on the diapers or baby products because we’re past that stage, but I’ve heard great things from friends.  I started buying The Honest Company products because I wanted the sunscreen.  There will definetly be items I purchase again and a few I’ll leave behind.  Target has started to carry a few of the lotion, baby products and soaps and I’ve heard a rumor that Costco sells larger sizes of the lotion, but I’ve yet to see it.  I still think trying a few bundles is the way to go.  We’ll be done with bundles soon and will just buy items when we need them in the future.

One comment on “Honest Company Products and Bundles Review

  1. We’ve only tried a few of their products, I buy them in the store though. I’ve found the Shampoo + Bodywash at Costco, it’s comes in a two bottle package. We use it on Ava’s curly hair. He hair is not thick though, but it works good.

    We’ve also used the healing balm and I didn’t think it worked good on Ava’s ezema either. :(

    I’m loving that they have their stuff now in Target stores too!