oh hello.

I vowed I wouldn’t stop blogging just because I went back to work.  I wanted so badly to be a work outside of home mom who blogged – because that didn’t seem as common.  And I don’t like to do “common”. But it happened. I’ve already written the I’ll be back post, and then didn’t really come back.

And you know what? I’m ok with that.

I’ve been keeping my therapeutic writing in my moleskin journal. Asking God and myself lots of questions.  Wrestling with choices and decisions privately.  I’ve wondered if choices I’ve made are the right ones.  I wasn’t so sure about some things I’ve believed about my faith and the church all my life and had to explore those a bit.  And that time spent alone was good.  Really good.  There wasn’t a need to word everything just right or to make sure everyone understood what I was trying to say. Just me talking to God.  Which always seems strange because he knows how I feel and what I’m thinking, but laying it all out there honestly for him is really freeing. And since we’re his children I’m sure he loves it when we bring our concerns and needs to him.


I also questioned why I started blogging in the first place and why on earth someone would want to read what I write.

But then I remembered how much I love to read blogs.  How much comfort I find in knowing I’m not alone in my feelings or happenings.  And I thought maybe someone out there feels that way when they read my blog.  I know some of my friends have told me they have, and other friends have encouraged me to write on here again.

So, maybe I’m back.

Probably will be since I get three months off of work starting in a week and a half!

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