How to decorate like a minimalist

Good ol’ Timehop has been reminding me that I’ve hit two years since I started down the minimalism path. I’ve been reminded of how a book sparked it all. I’ve seen photos of closet cleanouts and status updates of donating car loads to a women’s shelter and Goodwill.

Even before that two year mark I was a purger and we definitly lived with less than most Americans. But looking at the photos of my then closet and office now, after having sold almost everything and moved half way around the world, it feels so cluttered and full.

Two years ago I said the words “sometimes I wish we had to sell everything and start over” or something along those lines.

And here we are. Fresh start. Less stuff. White walls.

But I’m struggling with those white walls. Just a little. I love how clean and open it is in my home. Most things are tucked away in wardrobes and cabinets and it just. feels. so. good. I feel like I can breathe.


But I would like some art in my home. Something to inspire and make it cozy. I’d also like to put up some photos. Not a giant gallery wall like the last house, but some family photos nontheless. So far the girls room is the only place we’ve put up art and pictures.

I think part of my waiting is my inability to make a decision. I want what’s on our walls to be meaningful and well placed. I don’t want to just throw things up willy nilly.

But then I ask myself, is it indecision? Or actually good decision making? In all areas of shopping lately, I’ve refrained from impulse buys. I’ve been waiting it out when I think I want something to see if I really truly need or want it, or if I just thought it would make me happy. I find many times that I’m perfectly ok without it. Life goes on without more.

Coming off of filling a new home with furniture, which was quickly followed by Christmas, this waiting it out business was a bit of a shift. BUT it’s much easier without Target and Mall of America handy as welll as having limited options for me. I’ve also been busy with language class and then sick for three weeks, so maybe this isn’t a fair assessment of regular spending habits yet.

So friends, any tips for making a house a home without excess? How do I create cozy in simple way?


2 comments on “How to decorate like a minimalist

  1. Tina says:

    I know u think my decorating is too much…but I have always felt a home should reflect the personalities of the people who live in it. Rugs, pillows, curtains, baskets, books, children’s art work in colors that make u happy make your home just that—-YOUR HOME. Unlike anyone elses. Too much white to me is boring and sterile..not homey or cozy. I have always strived to create a home that wrapped itself around me when i came inside from the world…it is my sanctuary , my haven. Lamps and candles and lighting make it warm and inviting. Surround yourself with scents. relaxes you and your family. I love my home and hopefully soon enough you will create a space that feels cozier to you. Too sparse can feel too temporary.