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Littlest Perfectionist in the Making

In April my four year old begged me to learn how to read. She’s known the letters and their sounds

Loneliness is My Trigger

Because I’m an introvert, I naturally like to be alone. I choose time alone at home as my perfect way

To Play or Not to Play, That is My Question

How much should I play with my kids? I ask because quite frankly, I don’t like to play. I’d rather

World’s Best Husband

Since Nick’s birthday is today, I thought I’d take  dedicate a post to him and how wonderful he is. Seriously.

Elephants in My Ears

I have a four year old daughter. This means I repeat myself more often than I would like. Like this

Let’s talk about sleep…

…or lack of sleep. First allow me to back up so you know just how important sleep is in my