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How to decorate like a minimalist

Good ol’ Timehop has been reminding me that I’ve hit two years since I started down the minimalism path. I’ve been reminded

Io parlo inglese, but one day I’ll speak Italian

Before we left one of the most common questions people asked me was if I spoke Italian. Nope. I studied Spanish

The Great Weight Debate

  After a weekend of shopping for new clothes, I’m filled with all these questions and feelings swirling around in

The Right Choice

I hope you read the title like the New Kids on the Block song “The Right Stuff” because that’s exactly

A shift for the summer

I would like a t-shirt. One that says “I survived my first week of summer break!” Not because it’s been

oh hello.

I vowed I wouldn’t stop blogging just because I went back to work.  I wanted so badly to be a