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I’ll miss it, but then I won’t

It’s almost time to wrap up my three years at home and head back into the working world. I’m so

Honest Company Products and Bundles Review

It’s about time I wrote about my Honest Company products.  I’m on my third monthly bundle and I’ve tried LOTS of

Adventures in Urban Gardening

So, I made this the year of the veggie garden. I’ve never grown food before.  I mean, if you count

Wannabe Minimalist

I’ve written before about how I’m purging and letting go of all the extra crap in our house.  And surprisingly

High Expectations

I always want the BEST.  Most of my Google searches start with “the best ______” – recipes, ways to garden,

I better shape up

So in 8 days I’m supposed to run my first ever 5K.  Yeah. About that….. I’ll just be dancewalking. I