Italian Home tour: Kitchen


I’ll be honest,  I’m not one to watch videos on blogs or “vlogs” as I guess they’re called.   I’d rather read than watch someone talk to me from their chair.  I also don’t watch videos often because my girls come running to my phone to watch even if they were in the middle of some serious playtime. I love that Facebook and Instagram let me watch videos without sound.  Genius.

But I digress.

Today I dusted off our selfie stick and made a video of myself.  Not sitting at a desk for heaven’s sake –  I’m showing you our kitchen.
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Another step in the schooling journey – Italian Elementrary


This Thursday, we’ll take another turn in Mariah’s schooling journey. She’ll begin first grade in Italian elementary school.

We’ve been homeschooling since she  finished kindergarden – technically since May when I was home for my summer break.

I never expected I’d homeschool. After all I was a product of public school, earned a degree in elementary education and taught college freshmen. But during our transition time it was absolutelty the best fit.

It also fit well with Mariah being gifted – she was able to work at her level and we could tailor the lessons to her interests.

Over the last nine months, we’ve gone a bit more down the “unschool” route and I’ve suprised my planner, classroom teacher self as she’s done her school work. Read More


First Italian Christmas


I’ve seen several friends share a little phrase on social media this week.

That bit between Christmas and New Year when you don’t know what day it is,  who you are,  or what you’re supposed to be doing.

Amen. This time between Christmas and New Years is a tricky time for me.   I’m someone who loves routine and productivity and this break makes me go a little nutty.

Our neighborhood has been really quiet with most people on vacation.   The university students don’t fill the streets anymore and the town center is much less crowded than normal.  Bonus: grocery store trips are faster since the one open register doesn’t have a line anymore.

We’ve hunkered down inside in attempts to rest and overcome this never ending sickness Read More


Io parlo inglese, but one day I’ll speak Italian


Before we left one of the most common questions people asked me was if I spoke Italian.


I studied Spanish for six years and was fluent enough to read, write and dream in it. I’ve lost most of it at this point. But you know what? I hardly ever spoke it.  I didn’t want to say something wrong. You know that thing with perfectionism I have? The reason why I titled this blog Little Miss Imperfect? Yeah. That.

So here I am in a new country, in the early stages of language learning, again struggling with that perfectionism.  Worried I’ll sound stupid. Read More


What I miss one month in


Have we really been here a month already? I was looking back at my planner and calendar this morning and saw things like our open house, giving our cats away, our going away party, and our move out day.  It all seems like ages ago. How did the past six months of this idea/dream-turned-reality go by so quickly? It’s seriously a blur.

I was prepared for life to be different here. Foods, stores, ways of life. I knew what I was getting into before we arrived.  But visiting for a vacation is different than making this the new reality.  Here’s what I miss one month in.   Read More


Italian Rhythms

via roma padova

I mentioned in my last post  I was struggling to find a rhythm to my days – to figure out what’s normal and regular to our routine here.  I love order and plans, and this adjustment period goes against my nature.  I’m learning to accept that we have to give ourselves room to figure things out and find a groove.

While we’re figuring things out for our own family, I’ve been observing the Italian routine. It’s very different from American days and it goes something like this:

Between 7:00 and 8:00 am the city is waking up and heading out.  Our neighbors open their cerrandas Read More