Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

Someone could sing that line of Avril Lavigne’s song to me after almost every one of our “fun family outings”. The rest of the song doesn’t apply, but man that line sure does.

I am not a spur of the moment, spontaneous person. Not at all. I’m a planner, a perfectionist. So our plans to go the fair this past weekend actually started an entire year ago….

We don’t do the Minnesota State Fair every year, and last year was a year we chose not to go.  I took a couple to do a photo session  instead.  I went early Saturday morning and I fell in love with the not-too-crowded streets and cooler temps. I knew it would be the perfect time to bring my family – it would mean less stress and a happy family day at the fair. Finally.

Well…not so much.

We had a screaming toddler in the back seat for most of the drive. During said drive I decided she was car sick and about to throw up because we drove too soon after breakfast. She had thrown up when we drove to the zoo on Wednesday, so I was paranoid and thought my after breakfast theory was pretty solid .  We didn’t have a towel. We didn’t have a change of clothes. Those had been used just a few days ago so OF COURSE she was going to lose her breakfast back there.

The parking line was just what I’d hoped to avoid.  In my plan there was no line. We were supposed to drive right in. Not inch our way in with the crabby toddler who I just knew was going to hurl at any moment. I don’t like to wait. I was disappointed my plans were not working out.

There was no vomit. The line wasn’t actually too bad.



When we got in it wasn’t too crowded, just as I’d hoped. Things were looking up. We spent an hour and half in the animal barns. Our girls love animals. As in Mariah wants to live on a farm. SO bad.  She used to cry when we would tell her Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to live on a farm, but she could  have her own farm someday when she’s big. This was the best part of the day, going just how I’d imagined.  We pet pigs, oohed and awwed at the bunnies, and watched a horse competition.



Then Lana got hungry.  I realized I didn’t pack her a snack. I always pack her a snack when we’re out in the morning.  I didn’t want to spend money on fair food for her, she’s a baby, why buy a $5 soft pretzel for a toddler?  Well we did. She wouldn’t even eat it. She just wanted to shove her hand in the mustard and lick it. Too messy. Yuck. Good thing I waited in line for 8 minutes for something we thought for sure she’d eat.

We moved on, making our way to the kiddie rides Mariah was begging for. The rides were at the END of my plan. Not in the middle. Hello child!

We stopped for mini donuts hopping to quiet our still screaming child.  Yeah. Sugar for the kid throwing a tantrum. We literally shoved in them in her mouth to make her eat them. We had to get something in her to quiet her down.  It seemed to help.


We got to the rides right when it was getting hot and the crowds were picking up.  Lana was freaking out she couldn’t ride things with her sister and go “weeee weee” on slides. I was hot. I was hungry. I was holding a fit throwing child while my husband enjoyed the fun house with Mariah.

Thankfully we discovered a LEGO area where we could set our toddler free in the shade. Then we stumbled upon our favorite children’s musicians, The Okee Dokee Brothers. There was shade, water and dancing to help everyone feel better. We made our way to the Little Hands farm and scored free ice cream that we ate before we settled down for lunch.


Somewhere between rides and lunch I let go of my agenda and started enjoying myself.  As we walked away from lunch Lana fell asleep. After having a child who never ever ever slept in a stroller, I am so grateful for one who will.  We stuck around for the Miracle of Life Barn with Mariah before heading home.

Through it all Nick reminded me to relax, that Lana wasn’t going to throw up and if she did we’d deal with it.  That buying food at the fair for a little one wasn’t the end of the world, it was just money after all. He’s so good for me. He is my reminder to relax. To forget my plans, enjoy the moments and not worry about what might go wrong. Because let’s be honest….I’m always worried about what might go wrong. In my defense, it’s part of who I am….according to Strength’s Finder, my Deliberative strength is the part of me who anticipates the obstacles. Unfortunately, I get stuck on those obstacles and have a hard time seeing past them.

I’m learning. Learning to take each moment as it comes and to enjoy it, not worrying about what might go wrong. Because usually, those things don’t ever go as wrong as I think they might.




I’ll leave you with a smiling horse. Because what’s not to love about a horse who actually turned his head and grinned when I took his picture:


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  1. Lindsay says:

    We still love our fair pictures from last year!